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Choosing An Area Rug

Area rugs are a great way to add a little personality to any space. Whether you are trying to bring in a little bit of color or cover up a stain on the floor, there are lots of different types of rugs to choose from. It can be overwhelming to look at everything available and attempt to make a decision. Instead, consider narrowing down the choices to get a better idea of which area rug will work best for your space.

The actual definition of an area rug is debatable, even with interior designers. Some believe that to be a true area rug, it must cover up at least a large portion of the room. Others see a rug that fits under a coffee table and extends out a little bit on each side as an area rug. Outside of this debate, your best option is to measure the space and determine what size rug you are interested in. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you may want to introduce a larger rug to create a real contrast. On the other hand, if you already love the way a room looks, you may just need something small to break up the monotony of the space.

If you aren`t sure about the size you are most interested in, get out a tape measure and lay out painter`s tape in the area. You can create a rug outline to get a better idea of what the rug will look like and how far it will stretch. From there, you can make changes to the tape to see if you want something larger or smaller.

Rugs can be made from wool, grass, silk and even sisal. If you aren`t familiar with these materials, head out to the store and begin to check out rugs with varying textures. You can get a feel for which one will look best in the space. It is important to note that wool tends to wear well and will last you a long time. Wool rugs are like an investment. They may be a pricey purchase, but they are going to be there for the long haul and they will continue to age well with the rest of the items in the room.

Grass and sisal cost less, but they are going to need to be replaced fairly frequently. If they incur any kind of a stain or tear, it is often not worth the cost to try to get them fixed. Most homeowners just head out and buy something new. If you don`t want to be tied down to one rug for the next several years, this may just be the way to go.

Colors and Patterns
Use the area rug as an opportunity to infuse a little bit of life into the space. If the ddcor in a given space is fairly busy, a plain rug may be exactly what you need to bring everything together. On the other hand, you can use the rug like any other accessory. It can be incorporated into the room and draw attention to a certain area or even stand out from an otherwise bland room. Don`t be afraid to take risks when it comes to colors and patterns.

Sometimes, multiple rugs are used in the same room. Don`t shy away from this concept. It is a great way to separate two different spaces in one room. Instead of purchasing two identical rugs, consider finding two rugs that have a few similar colors, each one made from the same material. With the addition of modern rugs, you can give your home the polished look that you have been searching for.

Source: Dunelm Mill

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